【Marketing, Business feasibility studies preparations 】

· Studies based on the services provided through applications, social games or mobile games.

· Planning for monetization strategies.


【Culture check】

· Appropriate check of expressions, culture and religion..etc.



· Launch system based on local laws and tax system (Mobile Apps: AppStore, GooglePlay)

· Selection and implementation of local charging service.


【Localization Development】

· Various distribution platform compatible (WEB, Smartphone, console, etc.)

· UI change suitable for wording

· Launch suitable for optimal cloud services

· Implementation of various types of SDKs




· Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)

· Arabic (We translate into standard Arabic)

· Translating the wording of various game related situations and game terms by our experienced staff.


【Proof reading】

· Unifying the terminology used by multiple translators.

· Verification and correction of inflected changes at the time of actual use, and we update our developed contents for that.


【Content management】

· Plan and execute in-game events

· Technical support at the time of trouble


【Official Site Management】

· Official site management, social services management


【Customer Support】

· Quick response by Arabic speakers on a 24-hour basis



· Actual tests done using test flights



· MENA area installation strategy

· Targeting advertisement strategy

· Social network advertisement strategy


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